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The environment suitable for diving is very rich in Manavgat, which is preferred by many diving enthusiasts every year. TURCUBA diving company organizes diving boats and tours to natural and artificial reefs in the region every day. You don't need any experience to dive. With a short training and prior knowledge, you dive with professional divers. If you want, you can be a specialist diver by training for a few days. The other side of Side tourism town is Manavgat. Manavgat is known as the Venice of Turkey.

With its historical, SPA centers, natural places and exciting nature sports, Manavgat is a frequent destination for holidaymakers. You can have a great holiday in this district, which is adorned with natural water resources. In addition to having comfortable hotels for every budget in Manavgat, you can also choose this place for a unique holiday. Manavgat hotel prices also vary according to the facilities offered at the hotels. Manavgat, which is one of the must-see places in our country, is only 1 hour away from Antalya Airport. The distance between the center and Manavgat Waterfall is only 4 km. This excellent waterfall, which fascinates those who see it, also draws attention with its Manavgat boutique hotels. Boutique hotels with different room types attract attention not only with standard rooms but also with rooms with views.

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Located in the center of Manavgat, TURCUBA Hotel provides service with its relaxing location on the riverfront, friendly staff and rooms at home temperature. Located 50 m from the sea, the property offers an unforgettable holiday with its private beach, comfortable and stylish rooms, restaurants offering exquisite tastes as well as a relaxing SPA center.

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A boat cruise to the Green Canyon isn’t just a fun-filled adventure, it’s also the only way to see Turkey’s famed emerald lake. Settle back and relax as you glide past lush woodlands and make your way to the country’s fourth-largest dam. Enjoy unlimited drinks and a tasty lunch buffet. You’ll pass through rugged cliffs and thick forests, getting a first-hand peek at the crystal-clear, Caribbean-colored waters. A relaxing boat ride to Green Canyon, Turkey’s emerald lake—with buffet lunch and drinks Get a first-hand look at the country’s fourth-largest dam, the only one open to boats Enjoy unparalleled access to the lush, green landscape and shimmering turquoise waters Perfect for all ages—you’ll be guaranteed a family-friendly adventure Read more about Green Canyon Full-Day Boat Tour Including Lunch and Drinks 2020 - Antalya -

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